Champs Élysées has always been inspired by the unique creative energy of love. Working alongside passionate craftsmen, staging the most seductive materials, creating attractive designs, its masterpiece evokes the universal symbol of love. Known as the City of Art & Creation, Paris is the capital city of style and passion.

Champs Élysées has sealed the passionate romance of the iconic and inseparable love couples made of watchmaking and jewellery fine arts. Each timepiece embodies the love of its creator and is a chapter of Champs Élysées inspiring love story.

Swiss Made &
Royal Elegance

Building on the tradition perpetuated by Swiss made know-how for centuries, Champs Élysées gives rise to authentic works of art representing exceptional combinations of timeless elegance and horological excellence. Mentioning the fact that all our watches are 100% Swiss made manufactured.

French Elegance & Passion

Its creations celebrate an artistic vision of horology and carry subtle messages of love inspired by the femininely French elegance that is renowned the world over.

Impassioned by precious timepieces, the Champs Élysées owner and founder has meticulously chosen the upmost and talented artisans who share the same passion for refinement and impeccable quality to craft its watches and exalt diamond marvels. As respectful of the past as it is enthusiastic about the future, Champs Élysées expresses a love of superb craftsmanship that is made to last.